Welcome to the Improved Website

If you used to visit cylethomas.com you will notice a few differences. Over the next few months I plan to have this website fully operational including: regular blog entries, frequent sales, and important information about the growth of my business. I find it interesting when somebody allows me the priveledge of seeing the inner workings of what they do, and so I would like to share the same opportunity to you!  Thank you for visiting.  •  Cyle Thomas

The Canteen Holiday Market Sale!

In celebration of the winter solstice or what ever festivities you care to enjoy starting now until the end of December I am putting a few classics on discount.  Every few days I will be adding a new item to the sale!  Keep your eyes out for your favorite nautical items!

A Collection Thus Far.

Take the tour, a collection of images representing my work over the last six years in chronological order. 

The Journey 2016-2017

Follow my story,  watch my commercials, and take a peek into my process as it unfolds week by week and leads into the upcoming summer season of 2017.