Beautiful Things Made By Hand

Cyle Cabral Thomas was born and raised in the fifth generation of a Portuguese fishing family of Provincetown, Massachusetts on the tip of Cape Cod.  

More and more, the shapes of the waterfront and the open ocean became a passion for him. Even as he left the sheltering arm of the Cape itself behind, he obtained a new understanding of the compelling power and the striking beauty of his home. 

With these images in mind and these feelings seeking an expression, Cyle began experimenting in the art that would prove to be his true vocation. While continuing to work on the water during summers, Cyle completed a comprehensive education in goldsmithing and jewelry craft from the renowned North Bennett Street School in Boston.



Now a certified and experienced jeweler, Cyle has returned to his hometown and begun the creation of a jewelry line, Nautical Expressions, that ties together the diverse elements that make Cape Cod incomparable. The flagship piece of this line, the Cape Cod Cleat, represents the meeting place of ship and shore, tourist and townie, hard-scrabble enterprise and imaginative art.

Nautical Expressions represents a native son's attempt to remake the symbolic vocabulary of Cape Cod and to harmonize tradition and transition. Cyle Thomas has created a lasting, meaningful, and beautiful way for those who love Cape Cod to keep it close to their hearts at all times.

Fishermen for generations have felt acutely the excitement of untying the last dockline and jumping aboard as the ship departs the dock for a day of uncertain fortunes, and perhaps even more deeply they've felt the deep relief of tying up again at home.

The Cape Cod Cleat, the debut piece in this line, articulates in its elegant silver styling the deep emotions this place produces in those lucky enough to find harbor here: all those who call Cape Cod—whether  for a single stormy night, a summer weekend, or five generations—“Home”.