A New Style Moves Forward

This Pendant

Materials: Sterling, 18kt yellow gold bezels, 22k yellow gold “space rocks”, pyrite included quartz, and a very beautiful ruby to pull it all together.

This pendant started as a sketch, and I was trying to answer a question: What can I do with this stone?  What can I do with this stone that works with the natural shapes the stone presents me: the lines, the curves, the movement.

The story of the stones

A few years back at a gem show I had fallen in love with a collection of pyrite included quarts. I just started out working for myself, and I didn't have a lot of money to work with.  Any rational person person with my bank account would have happily walked by this tray after window shopping, but naturally I got obsessed and squirreled away what I thought was the best of the lot. I remember the feeling I got. Looking over my shoulder, it was like I had founds something incredibly valuable and was hoping nobody would notice. That day I also picked up a nice collection of rubies that were included.  They were so beautiful I wondered why nobody else was interested in the tray. It's odd what people value vs what they think is not valuable. Lucky me.

Now I had the stones. Many times I tried my hand at designing settings for them, and many times had come close to something I wanted to push play on, but unfortunately I could never get myself to commit on any one of the designs. I would often show them off at the shop, and people loved them.  It was cool to see how my enthusiasm was sometimes contagious. I think my biggest fear was to take material that was unique and do something overly simple and expected of a jeweler: A band with a bezel. Something about my spirit was irked by the idea, and perhaps that is why I put them aside until this winter.

Just this winter I started to look at the challenge differently.  If you look at the pendant you will see a natural curve that was inspired by the pyrite in the quartz.  I drew a few pictures making that line defined, and decided I would try and imitate the "floating pyrite" discs with other object, and place them on a "line" of sorts. After a few sketches I was content enough to stop drawing, and once I was in my shop again everything began to come together.

I think I will continue to work on this style.  I think it really represents me.  If I had it my way I would like to imagine the viewer of something in this style would experience what I do.  I feel like the piece takes me away to a larger feeling or idea.  In my opinion there is something fantastical about the pendant, and maybe a bit futureistic. 

Cyle Thomas