What we cherish.

It's fun thinking back on how I cherished special trading cards, or objects gifted to me as a child.  It's cool to think that somebody may cherish one of my pieces in a similar way.  Maybe they received it as a gift from a friend, or perhaps they will receive it from a parent who is tired of hearing "That's my ring" as I believe that was one of my famous lines.

Not many people know that much of my interest in becoming a jeweler came from an attraction to ring illustrations.  I tell most people that I found a book called 1000 Rings, and I quickly became lost in its pages all the way to North Bennet Street School where I learned to create quality jewelry.  This is true, but about ten years before that moment happened I was a 13 year old computer geek obsessed with getting lost in an online world named Everquest.  The character I played was proficient with enchanting metals, and so the coolest profession for me to take up was jewelcrafting.  Just thinking about the images I can remember the excitement, and the feeling when finding rare materials and making objects to sell.  Go figure. I remember the same feeling from collecting rare Magic the Gathering cards, or even better collecting favorite cards for their illustrations. Then I can remember nearly ten years before that where my mother would give me these glass gemmed rings from Whaler's Wharf.  She would also buy me pewter statues of knights and mages and swords.  I still keep a few of these around my shop for good luck.

I think somewhere in the mists of making money, paying bills, and setting up shop I forget about the significance of a gift or a gesture.  Often as a business owner I need to "get the work done" or make enough of the same thing to keep the door open and the banks happy.  I would like to remember these thoughts and feelings when making special pieces in the future.  Who knows what we will leave behind with a gift or a gesture?  Who knows how intention and energy work outside of the self.  In the future I hope to make objects that have something about them that can only be felt.  I know I have owned a few myself.