Itching for more spring!

Yesterday was perfect.  The smells and sounds were vibrant.  The cold was nowhere to be felt, and most people were wearing as little as they could in protest of the cold winter we all hope to leave behind. Here I am today with the windows wide open getting the business side of things done in preparation for next month.  I'm thinking about the show and how I want to build some new wall cases.  I'm thinking about how to get more people inside the shop, how to maximize the 100 sq. feet, how to be able to have a space to create and yet utilize that space so that I can also make money, but mostly I am thinking about the new product.

This season I will be carrying most of last season's favorites: a size run of Whale's Tails, but will no longer be selling the "classic" tail; I have minimized to the Playful Starfish for pendants, charms, and earrings, I have designed a new anchor, that is much more elegant and articulated; and I have many still stirring.

Looking forward to getting the shop looking nice.
Looking forward to seeing familiar summer faces.