Every sale counts.

Tonight I received an email from a nice woman who had bought a hammered Current Bangle from Shell Designs in Provincetown.  Awesome.   When emailing her back to say thank you, it made me think: she was not just buying a piece of my jewelry, she was also putting stock into my career as a goldsmith.  And so, with this thought in mind I replied,

"Thank you for the kind words.  I have been really lucky with the bangles this season, 
so I anticipate making more. Every bit helps, and is recycled into making goldsmithing my
main focus.  For example I have rented out a half shack at the Artisan studios at the foot
of MacMillan pier for September 21st - Oct 5th.  I imagine your purchase as par of the 

It is true, and I want everyone who has purchased a Cape Cod Cleat necklace, or a Current Bangle, has had a custom job done, or even a quick repair  About %90 of the money I have made off of my jewelry sales has gone right back into buying stock, building the website, printing out flyers, and yes the occasional beer. Occasional...  So, please know that you are a large part of this business.  Consider your purchase a dollar vote.  Thank you for your vote.

I also want to say thank you.  I am putting most of my energy this summer into making this a full time job, and most of that funding comes from the sales. And by most Ill go back to that %90 again.  Like I mentioned above, I will be selling my wares in an artisan shack at the end of MacMillan pier from September 21st - October 5th. I'm pretty excited. If anyone asks where I am around then, please send them my way. It will be interesting to see what sells, what doesn't, and what to take note on for the following season.  

Expect a few new designs, cleat earrings, some contemporary anchors for men,  and hopefully more bangles.  

Thank you for your patience and your kindness,