CYLE THOMAS, Goldsmith

The Cape Cod Cleat Campaign.

Cyle Thomas

Today was awesome. The Cape Cod Cleat can now be bought at The Jewel Box of Cape Cod in Sandwich, Designs by S & R in Orleans, and hopefully in another exciting location yet to be agreed upon. If you are a retailer interested in carrying my product please find my email

I also have so many ideas that are in development.  Cleat earrings for example will be the next item to reach the line, and a few minimalist anchor designs.  I am all about revamping the cape cod feel into something a bit more understated and somehow still holding that rustic appeal we all know and love.   I can't wait to get a few photos up of the new items.  Until then, leave a comment, say hello!, share any ideas, and please email me any pictures of you wearing my designs.  I will happily make a home for them all!