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A New Style Moves Forward

Cyle Thomas

This Pendant

Materials: Sterling, 18kt yellow gold bezels, 22k yellow gold “space rocks”, pyrite included quartz, and a very beautiful ruby to pull it all together.

This pendant started as a sketch, and I was trying to answer a question: What can I do with this stone?  What can I do with this stone that works with the natural shapes the stone presents me: the lines, the curves, the movement.

The story of the stones

A few years back at a gem show I had fallen in love with a collection of pyrite included quarts. I just started out working for myself, and I didn't have a lot of money to work with.  Any rational person person with my bank account would have happily walked by this tray after window shopping, but naturally I got obsessed and squirreled away what I thought was the best of the lot. I remember the feeling I got. Looking over my shoulder, it was like I had founds something incredibly valuable and was hoping nobody would notice. That day I also picked up a nice collection of rubies that were included.  They were so beautiful I wondered why nobody else was interested in the tray. It's odd what people value vs what they think is not valuable. Lucky me.

Now I had the stones. Many times I tried my hand at designing settings for them, and many times had come close to something I wanted to push play on, but unfortunately I could never get myself to commit on any one of the designs. I would often show them off at the shop, and people loved them.  It was cool to see how my enthusiasm was sometimes contagious. I think my biggest fear was to take material that was unique and do something overly simple and expected of a jeweler: A band with a bezel. Something about my spirit was irked by the idea, and perhaps that is why I put them aside until this winter.

Just this winter I started to look at the challenge differently.  If you look at the pendant you will see a natural curve that was inspired by the pyrite in the quartz.  I drew a few pictures making that line defined, and decided I would try and imitate the "floating pyrite" discs with other object, and place them on a "line" of sorts. After a few sketches I was content enough to stop drawing, and once I was in my shop again everything began to come together.

I think I will continue to work on this style.  I think it really represents me.  If I had it my way I would like to imagine the viewer of something in this style would experience what I do.  I feel like the piece takes me away to a larger feeling or idea.  In my opinion there is something fantastical about the pendant, and maybe a bit futureistic. 

Diamond party. A new ring is born.

Cyle Thomas

New Design!

I have finally finished the "solitaire" mentioned in a previous post.  Here is a video highlighting what diamonds should look like in natural sun.  Look at the stones "fire" as the light explodes.

If you would like to have this style of ring made, please click the contact link above and get in touch.  I look forward to doing business with you.


Designing a new line around gemstones and simple shapes.

NewsCyle Thomas

Here are a few images of a new ring that was recently drafted up.  I am trying to work with the natural lines from the shapes presented by the stones.  Balance is a large part of my work.  I really enjoy the challenge to take something that says "I'm supposed to look this way" and playing with the lines.  It begs the viewer/owner to stare at the "issue" but at the same time is balanced enough to not distract anyone from the beauity of the piece.

3D rendering of a gold ring solitaire with blue stone. Designed in Rihno3D

3D rendering of a gold ring solitaire with blue stone. Designed in Rihno3D

3D rendering of a gold ring solitaire with blue stone. Designed in Rihno3D

3D rendering of a gold ring solitaire with blue stone. Designed in Rihno3D

Itching for more spring!

Cyle Thomas

Yesterday was perfect.  The smells and sounds were vibrant.  The cold was nowhere to be felt, and most people were wearing as little as they could in protest of the cold winter we all hope to leave behind. Here I am today with the windows wide open getting the business side of things done in preparation for next month.  I'm thinking about the show and how I want to build some new wall cases.  I'm thinking about how to get more people inside the shop, how to maximize the 100 sq. feet, how to be able to have a space to create and yet utilize that space so that I can also make money, but mostly I am thinking about the new product.

This season I will be carrying most of last season's favorites: a size run of Whale's Tails, but will no longer be selling the "classic" tail; I have minimized to the Playful Starfish for pendants, charms, and earrings, I have designed a new anchor, that is much more elegant and articulated; and I have many still stirring.

Looking forward to getting the shop looking nice.
Looking forward to seeing familiar summer faces.


The Canteen Holiday Market!

Show, SaleCyle Thomas

Come one come all!

Come one and come all! To the Holiday market at the delicious Canteen in Provincetown Massachusetts.  Please join me and many other local vendors weekends this December. Have some Brussels sprouts, sip warm mulled wine, and perhaps come home with something shiny for someone you love, like, or even hate!  Heck, you can treat yourself!

Expect up to 25% off summer favorites like the classic Whale's Tail pendant, Whale Tail dangle earrings, and many others!  


Cyle Thomas

Lately, one of my favorite things to do is make ridiculous commercials. Luckily they have become popular in serving a purposes or two.  First and most important, my amusement, and second I suppose it's also nice that it helps promote the website. In all honesty I really do it for the laughs. 

I believe "Weather Report" was the first of my Instagram commercials. The thing I love about these commercials is, they mostly come spur of the moment, and they require little to no production value. Also, I get a great deal of amusement from the responses I get from all of my friends. Who knows, maybe one day they will bring in a new customer or two.

Now that I have had some time to step back from the physical business, take a break, and refocus on what I want to accomplish next, I am excited to get back to the creative process. Don't be surprised if over the winter a video or two spy hops its way into your Facebook or Instagram feed!

See you at the Pig!

- C

Here again is "Weather Report"

A quick thought about a long week.

Cyle Thomas

The rain is here, and there is little reason to open the door early today.  Five days more and I will be finished with this little experiment.  In a free moment I hit the website.

I log on to the website to fulfill an online order and edit the inventory. "Sold out, sold out, sold out," reads the items as I edit their stock.  These were the items that I thought were going to be the most challenging to sell during my two week venture.  I was wrong.

It seems that there is a strong presence of people that are willing to buy something a little different and something a little more expensive. I couldn't be any happier.  Each sale of my "art jewelry" a.k.a. technical and fabricated pieces creates great encouragement to create more.  Although many of my friends and family told me how much they liked the pieces I was experimenting with  I was really unsure if they would take in the public market.

How exciting is this?  It's really exciting.  I can't wait to find out if I get a trap shed for next season, and if I do not I will surely be disappointed but  I gladly will seek another avenue for continuing my business with the public market.  At this point I just have to wait and see. Who knows, this whole thing might work out. 

Thank you for reading,

Cyle Thomas




Every sale counts.

Cyle Thomas

Tonight I received an email from a nice woman who had bought a hammered Current Bangle from Shell Designs in Provincetown.  Awesome.   When emailing her back to say thank you, it made me think: she was not just buying a piece of my jewelry, she was also putting stock into my career as a goldsmith.  And so, with this thought in mind I replied,

"Thank you for the kind words.  I have been really lucky with the bangles this season, 
so I anticipate making more. Every bit helps, and is recycled into making goldsmithing my
main focus.  For example I have rented out a half shack at the Artisan studios at the foot
of MacMillan pier for September 21st - Oct 5th.  I imagine your purchase as par of the 

It is true, and I want everyone who has purchased a Cape Cod Cleat necklace, or a Current Bangle, has had a custom job done, or even a quick repair  About %90 of the money I have made off of my jewelry sales has gone right back into buying stock, building the website, printing out flyers, and yes the occasional beer. Occasional...  So, please know that you are a large part of this business.  Consider your purchase a dollar vote.  Thank you for your vote.

I also want to say thank you.  I am putting most of my energy this summer into making this a full time job, and most of that funding comes from the sales. And by most Ill go back to that %90 again.  Like I mentioned above, I will be selling my wares in an artisan shack at the end of MacMillan pier from September 21st - October 5th. I'm pretty excited. If anyone asks where I am around then, please send them my way. It will be interesting to see what sells, what doesn't, and what to take note on for the following season.  

Expect a few new designs, cleat earrings, some contemporary anchors for men,  and hopefully more bangles.  

Thank you for your patience and your kindness,



The Cape Cod Cleat Campaign.

Cyle Thomas

Today was awesome. The Cape Cod Cleat can now be bought at The Jewel Box of Cape Cod in Sandwich, Designs by S & R in Orleans, and hopefully in another exciting location yet to be agreed upon. If you are a retailer interested in carrying my product please find my email

I also have so many ideas that are in development.  Cleat earrings for example will be the next item to reach the line, and a few minimalist anchor designs.  I am all about revamping the cape cod feel into something a bit more understated and somehow still holding that rustic appeal we all know and love.   I can't wait to get a few photos up of the new items.  Until then, leave a comment, say hello!, share any ideas, and please email me any pictures of you wearing my designs.  I will happily make a home for them all!